/ Early days..

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I´ve lived with music my whole life.
My mother told me that from the moment I was born she started singing to me.
Music has such a strong impact on us human beings.
The way music goes straight into your heart and soul, it can put you in all kinds of different moods.
It´s fascinating how music can have such a great power.


1 year old – My first cake

Looks veeeery good, I can hardly wait.

First time at the photographer…..

Not the last….

Proud girl at the photographer…

4 years old, and I just loved my red shoes.

My first day at school.

I am a yellow-fan 🙂

At the Opera… 1978

Little nymph in the opera about Orpheus and Eurydice, in Grieghallen (9 years old).

Photo: Felicity Laurence