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2020 started so well! 

I was the proud Godmother of a wonderful cruise ship; Viking Jupiter  – little did we know that this was the last performance I should do before everything closed down around us. 
I had so many tours and plans scheduled for 2020: I.e. “The Reflections tour”. This was cancelled and postponed 3 times before we were able to go on the road with the concert. 
Now, in 2023 we are all so happy to be back again and to have the freedom to meet, and enjoy traveling and touring again. 

Reflections IV and V

When the pandemic was a fact, and the world was in lockdown, the idea with the Reflections project; releasing one new song with a music video and talk video every week, became very welcoming!

I got so many wonderful messages from people all over the world. They told me that a new song every Friday was something to look forward to in this troubled times. 

Viking TV

During the pandemic, Sissel also started the program “Sissel Sundays” in collaboration with Viking Cruises. She put together 3-4 songs from the Reflections project under different themes with an introduction.
You can see more here: https://viking.tv/search?search=sissel

Proud Godmother of Viking Jupiter – 2020

Naming Ceremony of Viking Jupiter – Los Angeles, January 2020

17. Mai concert with KORK – 2020

I was honored to be asked by NRK (Norwegian National Broadcasting) to do a TV special for our constitution day, 17th of May 2020. It was a very special experience with all the restrictions due to the pandemic, but we made it.  17th of May is a day with long strong traditions here in Norway. A day we all celebrate together. We dress up in our National costumes, have parties, parades and play games outside. Eat good food, lots of ice cream and sing special songs. We also call it “The Children’s Day”. Now we were all locked up. Some of the songs I had in this Tv-concert became in a way songs of survival and gave us the strength to make it through and the hope that soon it would be over….  

Sissel og Kork 17 mai konsert 2020

You can watch the Constitution Day Concert here: