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Below you'll find highlights from Sissel's long career, sorted by time period. Click through the timeline to learn more.

From 2011 Sissel decided to take some years out of the calendar, just to be a mom and enjoy more time with her two girls.
There was a long recording break after the album “Til deg” in 2010, but many highlights after all.

Sissel Renaissance – 2010

I ́m so honored to have this lovely Rose named after me.

Sissel Rose_Renessance2010

Mario Frangoulis – 2014

In 2014 Sissel was a guest at Mario Frangoulis ́  concert in beautiful Akropolis, Athen.

Mario Franguolis_2014

REFLECTIONS – 2019-2020

Once upon a time……….that is how all fairytales begin, and I could also start like that with my Reflection project.

It started as a dream, then came the time to realize the dream. I have had a team of good helpers along the way. The most important one is my husband who was my inspiration. I wanted to make a special gift to him on our wedding day. Anyhow the project took longer than expected and we got married long before the project was finished.

My idea was to make a happy love song album. Along the way, through listening to hundreds of songs from before 1920’s up until today, I noticed that the songs I wrote down were not always that happy. They were reflections of memories, emotions and stories that came from my own life or my friend’s life. They really made me cry inside. They had a huge impact on me and went straight into my heart. I just had to sing them. Their story and melodies were too strong not to record.

I had to limit myself though, as my list of songs was over 100.
After all the sessions done in LA, Salt Lake, Gothenburg and Oslo, I ended up with 51 songs.
I released one song every week for a year, and all together they ended up in 5 albums.
Reflections I – III was released in 2019 and Reflections IV – V in 2020.
I also made a music video and a special “Talk-video” to each song.

You can purchase this beautiful Limited Edition CD box // LP box here: webshop

I have made a playlist on Spotify with all the 51 songs from Reflections. I hope you will enjoy listening to them as much as I enjoyed recording them.

Duetts with Mr. Bocelli – 2019

Singing with Mr. Andrea Bocelli was a dream come true. In June 2019 we performed together in a great event outdoor by the walls of “Akershus Festning” in Oslo.
But I never thought he would invite me to dance in the middle of a song.

Great voice and great dancer…

Sissel and Andrea Bocelli
Sissel and Andrea Bocelli dancing
Photo by Magnus Skrede