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Many recording albums!

After a period where my focus had been on my family I started working in studio to record some new songs, a pop album called “All good things”. This was also the first time I was part of a writing session. I wrote “Sarah’s song” (named after my youngest daughter) together with Jørn Dahl and David Foreman.  “One day” with Stargate; Mikkel Eriksen, Hallgeir Rustan and Tor Erik Hermansen. The Concert “Sissel in Symphony” was recorded in the beautiful Drammens Theatre and was both filmed and recorded for an album. These two albums were a wonderful start on a decade also filled with lots of traveling and touring. 


Other fun things that happened:

The Nobel Peace Prize Gala Concert in 2001

The first time I met and sang with Josh Groban was at The Nobel Peace Prize Gala Concert in 2001. Later on I have had the honor of singing with him again and our road has crossed several times. A wonderful person and artist.

At the same concert I was so lucky to meet the one and only Willie Nelson. One of my childhood-voices. Many years later,- in 2018, I recorded “You Were Always on My Mind” inspired by his version.

Sissel and Josh Groban_2001
Josh Groban and Sissel back in 2001
WillieNelsson_Sissel 2001
Willie Nelson and Sissel – 2001

Leipzig – 2001

Sissel performing in Leipzig, at José Carreras ́  Gala Concert for his foundation together with Plácido Domingo and many other great artists mainly from Germany. 

Sissel and Jose Careras

The Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square – 2006

The Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square – is so special. It was love at first note, sight for me. I really enjoy working with them and their very professional team. To sing with and being lifted up by 350 voices is hard to describe, and to be invited back in 2006 for their annual Christmas concerts was such a great honour.  And it made it even more special to me that our album, “Spirit of the season”, was nominated for a Grammy.

Listen here:

Sissel and the movies

From this period that feature the voice of Sissel is the documentary “Long Journey Home” with The Chieftains, the Irish drama “Evelyn” (2002), the “Forsythe Saga “ (2002) and the movie “Vanity Fair” (2004).

In 2005, I was so honored that Howard Shore wrote a special piece for me in the very last recording session of the extended-edition of the Lord of the rings trilogy.  I just love his music and I felt so home. He thought it was a nice way of ending the recording sessions of the movies as I was going to start on the journey of the Lord of the Rings Symphony concert tour in a few weeks.  

Mr. Howard Shore and Sissel working in the studio

Sissel and Howard Shore_Lord of the Rings

The music in the movies make the picture and the story even stronger and clearer without taking over.
I have put together a list of songs that I have done either for a certain movie or a tv-series, and some other songs are from old movies. I hope you will like it.