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Love Sissel

Greetings and blessings from Mexico...

It’s easier to learn to forgive when you stop to think about where your life is going.

This photo is taken in La Barca, Jalisco. México.

Greetings and blessings.




Peace in nature

For me slowing down means feeling connected to nature. It brings peace and calms me down!!

Best wishes from Germany



Go near the desert....

One of the best ways for me to slow down is go away from the light
pollution in the city, go near the desert and take photos of the moon and
the stars, it’s really very comforting and makes me forget anything that could bother me.

Location: Fayoum desert / Egypt


Yasser Mohamed



Stop your hectic life.....

I think the art of “Slowing Down” is to stop your hectic life momentarily, look

and observe the beauty around you.

…..count your blessings, and be grateful to God.

Warm regards

Johann (South Africa)


A new day dawning...

Sunrise on the North Sea with the glory of a new day dawning slowly,
puts me at 
peace with the world to face whatever the day may bring. 

/ Carol


Roe ned....

…..Senke hastigheten og ta seg tid til å se.
F.eks. hvordan katten våkner og utfører sin langsomme gymnastikk.
Mye å lære.
Som bare blir viktigere med årene. Roe helt ned og strekke ut.

Som igjen gir en god avslappet energi!



De nære ting...

Å ta seg tid til å lytte.
Kjenne på gleden ved å bo der naturens egne mangfoldige lyder er helt dominerende.
Symfonier som gradvis endres med årstidene.
Fra vårlige froskekvekk, som etterhvert istemmes alle skogens dyr og utallige fuglers sang.
Som sakte avtar og fades ut av vinden som rusker i snødekte trær.

Gleden ved å være så nær den ville naturen. Likevel så bynært.

Til f.eks. en konsertsal.

Med vennlig hilsen




To slow down I love to wake up to the wonderful scenery in your country,
for a walk & all I can hear is nature & the crunch of my footsteps in the snow.


/ David Tupman



NewZeland mountains

We wanted to send this photo to you from our recent trip into the mountains.
froze for two nights in an old hut but had a good fire and even listened to some of your beautiful singing.
A magical place to slow down.

Lots of love
Sandi and Mike Dredge

A photo of Ramsey Glacier Lake
Southern Alps, NewZealand


Greetings from Ecuador...

Recibe un saludo cordial desde Sudamérica, Ecuador mi país.
Gracias por brindar mucha alegría a nuestra vida con la música tan maravillosa que interpretas. Muchas gracias.
He visto los hermosos paisajes de Noruega y encuentro que cada país tiene sus encantos bellos
Es así como elegí estás fotografías para compartir a tu invitacion.
Con montañas lindas de la región de la sierra de Ecuador, entre ellas una
montaña blanca, es el nevado Chimborazo con una  altura 6.268 MTS.
Gracias por darnos este privilegio de poder realizar este desafío.

Con cariño

/ Susana Solís


Slow Down

 / Gunn Marthe Pieroth



As the waves gently touch the sands and the sun slowly kisses the world goodnight,
Slow down.
Live in the moment.

Photo is of Gulf Coast Florida.

/ Lucie


Sweet dogs

I enjoy being alone in nature, or just with my dogs on a walk.
No expectations.
experience the moment, the beauty.

/ Lucie



Cloud in the sky

I captured this cloud after heavy showers.
The purity of hope, blue skies and the 
silent whisper in the air Sissel sings….
slow down….
be still….
and know that He is 


Fisketur i Randsfjorden

Jeg slapper av og roer ned med fiskestang i fine omgivelser.

/ Elisabeth Kvale Sveum


Gå til havet!

Når jeg trenger å ‘roe ned’, går jeg en tur langs havet,
og lytter til alle 
lydene og kjenner på alle luktene naturen gir.
Hvordan havet buldrer og bølgene slår mot klippene,
hvordan fuglene synger og humlene surrer,
hvordan sivet blåser i 
vinden og regnet treffer bladene på trærne.
Lukten av salt,
gress og jord.

/ Ingvild Andrea Ellefsen


Up to the mountains

I love getting lost and of course ‘slow down’ when I am in the beautiful mountains.

/ Keith Maidlow




these pictures and videos were taken during the lockdown…
I was locked 
down at the countryside when I went here to attend my grandfather’s funeral.



One thing I have learned here is to slow down… soooo different from the fast pacing life I had in the city…

/ Rishelle Matitu

The beauty of Utah

I’ve slowed down this covid period by experiencing the beauty Utah has to offer.
As I sat in the stillness of the water in my new kayak and contemplated
the uncertainty of the  world, I knew that through these beautiful creations God has given us an opportunity to Slow Down and see His Hand and miracles in our lives.
To slow down and look strangers in the eye as they pass by;
To not be in a hurry to get anywhere or cut a visit with my family short because of commitments. My commitment during this time is to witness the love, peace and miracles a loving Heavenly Father has placed in my path because of His love.


The Corona Arch in Moab, Utah.....

We thought it would be funny to get a picture with a mask on for corona virus.


Kaija Purvis – your Tab choir friend