CD – “5”

5 Trilogies - CD

I am proud to present all these  new written songs to you.

“5” is a collection of 15 songs bound into 5 trilogies written and produced by my husband Ernst Ravnaas and myself during 2022-2023

I hope you will enjoy listening to them as much as I loved singing them!
You can even join in by following the lyrics.


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Product description

It all started with the song “I Rest My Eyes”. Little did we know that there would be a total of 15 songs divided into 5 trilogies, each with its own theme.
Now to be able to present all the songs in the album “5” makes me very happy.

A little about each of the Trilogies:

TRILOGY I – “A Love Story” tells, yes precisely, a love story in three parts. Sitting under the stars and missing your loved one, then making the decision to travel with all the tension and uncertainty of love having endured distance and time, to finally meet and get confirmation of what you have hoped for.

This is the only trilogy that also has been published in Norwegian. These versions are 3 bonus tracks on the album.

TRILOGY II – “No Farewell” contains three stories about different places in the world that have had a great impact on me, and to which I would like to visit again.

TRILOGY III – “Big Questions” are songs that address some of the big questions in life.

TRILOGY IV – “Colors of Life” is about some of life’s many facets. There is bottomless sorrow, betrayal, and great joy. We never know what tomorrow will bring.

TRILOGY V – “Summer Moods” consists of summer songs that talk about three quite different summer experiences.

In addition, music videos and several “talk” videos have been made where I talk about the songs.

You can watch videoes HERE

5 –  includes:

  • 1 CD´s with 15 songs + 3 bonus tracks
  • 1 booklet with all the lyrics and some pictures
  • QR code to all the videos made for this project



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