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03 Dec

Sissels Jul - Fartein Valen, Stavanger Konserthus

17:00Stavanger, Norway
04 Dec

Sissels Jul - Grieghallen

18:00Bergen, Norway
06 Dec

Sissels Jul - Oseberg Kulturhus

19:00Tønsberg, Norway
07 Dec

Sissels Jul - Kilden

19:00Kristiansand, Norway
09 Dec

Sissels Jul - Ringsted Kongrescenter

20:00Ringsted, Denmark
10 Dec

Sissels Jul - Musikhuset Aarhus

19:30Aarhus, Denmark
12 Dec

Sissels Jul - Odeon

20:00Odense, Denmark
13 Dec

Sissels Jul - Vejle Musikteater

20:00Vejle, Denmark
15 Dec

Sissels Jul - Herning Kongrescenter

20:00Herning, Denmark
16 Dec

Sissels Jul - Musikkens Hus

20:00Aalborg, Denmark
17 Dec

Sissels Jul - Alsion

20:00Sønderborg, Denmark
19 Dec

Sissels Jul - Det Kgl. Teater, Gamle Scene

17:30København, Denmark
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