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SISSELS JUL on Tour 2023

For several decades, Sissel has toured Scandinavia every year before Christmas. She describes it as the highlight of the season.
Now Sissels Jul is on tour again, and what a wonderful concert it is this year!
On stage she has a multitalented band, singing and playing several instruments.

– The concert reflects the time and the music we listen to and need, until the holiday season sets in. It is happy, beautiful and funny, but it should also touch your soul. When you leave the concerthall, I hope you to feel that we experienced something special together this evening. That it was unique and only for you, says Sissel.

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This is Sissel

Sissel was born in the beautiful city of Bergen, located on the west coast of Norway. She began her career in a t.v. choir at the early age of 14.

Sissel`s first album, “Sissel”, was released the same year and made her a national star overnight, winning the “Artist of the Year” at the Norwegian Grammy Awards, Spellemannprisen. With her first Christmas album released when she was just 18 years old, she became- to many- the “Voice of Christmas”. Her voice is considered a Norwegian national-treasure.

Sissel`s musical journey has led to success both nationally and internationally. She has gained praise and recognition all over the world for her angelic and powerful voice, and has over the years collaborated with several international artists such as opera legend Plácido Domingo and the American rapper Warren G. There are few genres Sissel has not done.



With a recording repertoire ranging from Schubert and Chopin, Lloyd-Webber and Morricone, ABBA to John Lord of Deep Purple, she is established as one of the world’s leading crossover sopranos. One might also recognize her voice from movies such as The Titanic, and The Lord of the Rings. Sissel’s music has touched millions.

In connection with her 50th birthday, Sissel released 5 albums called Reflections, which contain standard songs from the early 1920s up to our time.

With each song it was also recorded a Music video and a Talk video. 

In 2022 she started to release new songs in a project written and produced by herself and her husband Ernst Ravnaas.
The project is “5 trilogies” – two released in 2022 and the last three in the first half of 2023.


It’s dark, so still I feel the silence
Another morning will soon arise
I love this time
with all its darkness
within a moment the sun will shine
In all I give
And I receive
I know there’s so much for me to learn
01 Dec

Sissels Jul - Helsingborg Konserthus

19:00Helsingborg, Sweden
03 Dec

Sissels Jul - Fartein Valen, Stavanger Konserthus

17:00Stavanger, Norway
04 Dec

Sissels Jul - Grieghallen

18:00Bergen, Norway
06 Dec

Sissels Jul - Oseberg Kulturhus

19:00Tønsberg, Norway
07 Dec

Sissels Jul - Kilden

19:00Kristiansand, Norway
09 Dec

Sissels Jul - Ringsted Kongrescenter

20:00Ringsted, Denmark
10 Dec

Sissels Jul - Musikhuset Aarhus

19:30Aarhus, Denmark
12 Dec

Sissels Jul - Odeon

20:00Odense, Denmark
13 Dec

Sissels Jul - Vejle Musikteater

20:00Vejle, Denmark
15 Dec

Sissels Jul - Herning Kongrescenter

20:00Herning, Denmark
16 Dec

Sissels Jul - Musikkens Hus

20:00Aalborg, Denmark
17 Dec

Sissels Jul - Alsion

20:00Sønderborg, Denmark
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